Tertulia 2021

A casual open mic for artistic adventurers.

Hashtag: #Tertulia2021

Theme: Discovery

Location: Zoom


  • Sunday, January 17, 2021 at 3:00pm Eastern Time

IATI’s Tertulia is a FREE and exciting online open mic event for artistic adventurers from all over the world that would love to share their craft and passion in any language.

Meet your new favorite star and network with NYC artists and performers online.  
This unique opportunity will allow you to see Actors, Dancers, Musicians, Poets, Singers, Storytellers, and many other performing artists showcase their work in an informal open-mic setting curated by IATI Theater, centered around this year’s theme: Discovery.

Hosted by 
Eduardo Reséndiz Gómez and Inma Heredia.

Juan Ramírez, Jr., Julia Cavagna, K J Dwyer, Silvia González S., Holly M Wright, Theatre Touch, Andrea Velasco, Bianca Medina, Braulio Basilio, Natalie González, Damsel Talk, Nicolas Boccanera, Josanna Vaz, Roi Escudero, Loan Ardelean, Valentin Ewan, Fran Tirado, Ofelia Castillo, La V, Kyla Ernst-Alper and many more!


Due to a new spike in COVID-19 cases, Tertulia 2021 will be a Free Virtual Presentation. To attend, RSVP at the link below.



This Event is free of charge–your kind donation is accepted. All proceeds ensure that we continue providing opportunities to artists