Vanguard Productions

Latino, cutting-edge, contemporary, avant-garde works make up the IATI repertoire. Our productions feature the collaborative passions of emerging and established Latino artists. We could go on, but modesty is one of our many virtues. So you'll have to come and see for yourself.

Vanguard Productions
Sometimes we create theater a little bit differently. We enjoy work that blurs the boundaries of culture and genre. Traditionally, a playwright writes a script, a director interprets it for the stage and the actor performs. We like to change the rules, challenging our audience and ourselves to break conventions, in favor of exploration and new ways of working. We don't always know what the result will be, but this "not knowing" is the key to new discoveries.

Upcoming Vanguard Productions

Recreation: Theater in the times of COVID-19

Artists worldwide talk artistic possibilities post COVID-19

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