La dramaturgia Cuántica (Quantum Playwriting)

Instructor: Antonio César Morón

Dates: May 24, 2021 - June 28, 2021 (Monday 3–5pm)

Tuition: $100 (5 weeks)

Language: Spanish

Target Users: Playwrights with basic playwriting knowledge


Quantum playwriting facilitates dramatic writing, allowing the playwright a much broader perspective for the creation of characters and story. This broadening of perspective endows the writer with confidence in his/her own abilities to produce dramatic texts by decimating the obstacles that exist within classic playwriting. These obstacles–continuity, stage directions and character construction–often thwart the creative impulse as playwrights find it impossible to establish a logical sense and image of the play’s action and the story being executed. Throughout the workshop, we will work individually and as a group with each of the participants, making use of his/her playwriting skill and taking it to levels unknown to the playwrights themselves.

About the instructor: Antonio César Morón

(Granada, 1978) Playwright, poet and essayist. He holds a doctorate in Literary Theory and Comparative Literature from the University of Granada where he also holds the post of professor. He is the author of six play anthologies: Ahora los esclavos, Elipses / El espejo más frío (where he explores about science fiction drama) Monólogos con maniquí, which compiles five solo performance works; Estado antimateria. Pentarquía de dramaturgia cuántica (Antimatter State. Quantum Dramaturgy Pentarchy,) which compiles five works using the quantum dramaturgy theory; Retórica del sueño de poder (Rhetoric of the Dream of Being Able to,) and El metal y la carne (The Metal and the Flesh.) He has also published single works for the stage such as the comedy, Siseos de venganza (Hissings of Vengence), and the tragedy, Eurídice. His dual vocations as researcher and creator merge masterfully in his book entitled, La dramaturgia cuántica. Teoría y práctica, where it’s exposed theoretical bases of this new dramatic technique devised by this author. His other renowned essays include La escena y las palabras. Ensayos de teatro y dramaturgia, Teatro y sentido, La interpretación frente a sus límites and his doctoral thesis, Jose Martin Recuerda en la escena Española.

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