Staged Readings

IATI Theater continues its commitment to developing new works by presenting its twentieth season of Cimientos, a play development program that has given hundreds of playwrights the foundations to explore their vanguardia through developmental workshop-panels and staged readings.
The reading series will be held April 14 – 19, 2020.  Spotlighting a curation of national and cross-continental contemporary writers, IATI will present a selection of 10 play readings that fuel the genesis of theater: the playwright. The selected texts showcase an eclectic array of dramaturgy that spans several themes and styles.
Play readings will include a talkback with the playwright, director, actors and guests that focuses on audience reaction and constructive feedback–bringing the new work closer to a fully realized production.

Upcoming Staged Readings | Cimientos 2020

In Congress
written by Tony Manzo

“If my opponent gets elected, he’ll become a national menace.”

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Incident in Conference Room B
written by William Ivor Fowkes

“Hey, you don’t think we’re on TV, do you? Some prank or reality show?”

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written by DC Cathro

“I just want him to know that someone out there in the world is taking care of him.”

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Run No More
written by Harold Ellis Clark

“We’re fighting to make tomorrow better.”

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Max versus Max
written by Txemi Parra

Max: ¿Qué hago?  Espectro: Improvisá. Sos actor, ¿no?

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La niña y la ballena
written by Itziar Pascual

“Everything we give to the sea, the sea returns it to us.”

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Los Toledo
written by Andrés López-Alicea

“Sino mantenemos el control nos hundiremos en la falta de razonamiento.”

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The Impossible Escape of Don Misterioso
written by Hal Borden

“Sometimes you have to look backwards to see what’s in front of you.”

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Actuary Day
written by Tom Block

An absurdist-philosophical exploration of one possible end-of-times.  Or maybe not the end of times.

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written by Robert Monaco

“Padre, Rome only asks us to avoid a scandal that the outside world will not understand.”

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