Staged Readings

IATI Theater gears up for the 19th season of a play development program that has given hundreds of playwrights the foundations to build written vanguardia through developmental workshop-panels and staged readings.

Cimientos spotlights a curation of national and cross-continental contemporary writers.  In June 2019, IATI Theater will present a curation of 10 play readings that fuel the genesis of theater: the playwright. All the more, the texts selected for the program, and ergo presented to the public in rehearsed readings, showcase an eclectic array of dramaturgy that spans several themes and styles, but that all–in elegant and strange forms–bend the rules that orthodox playwriting impose. 

“All plays are not created equal!” …and our avant-garde is a solemn cry into what theater can and should do today.

Play readings will include a talkback with the playwright, director, actors and guests that focuses on audience reaction and constructive feedback–bringing the new works closer to fully realized productions.

Cimientos 2019!

Jung's Chair
written by Tom Block

“It’s a closed system that feeds illness back into the psyche, doesn’t help cure it.”

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The Higher Love
written by Germaine Shames

“In Arabic there are 50 words to express the many aspects of love; in English but one. One.”

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written by Antonio César Morón

“Un abogado descubre signos de poder virtual vinculado a empresas de ingeniería financiera.”

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written by Janilka Romero

“Entonces, reservemos la risa para el último momento.”

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written by Marco Antonio Rodriguez

“The nation was losing its way. We’re taking it back. To what it’s supposed to be.”

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La Serena
written by Guillermo Severiche

“Yo sabía que vos me ibas a encontrar y yo quería que fuera en medio del mar.”

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written by Cristina Luzárraga

“There ain’t no strife on Productolife.”

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Axaxaxas Mlö
written by Xavi Morató

“We can’t create anything. We can only discover.”

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La Herencia
written by David Barreiro

“Do you have what you want? Or what you want depends on what others have?”

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Faust In Love
written by John Bernhard

“I want the person I fell in love with. With one slight alteration.”

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