Voice Technique & Song Interpretation

Dates: May 25, 2021 - June 29, 2021 (Tuesday 3–4:30pm)

Running Time: 1.5 Hours/Session

Language: English & Spanish


This seminar aims to promote more freedom in the production of the voice, and to explore how to interpret songs more musically through the connection with our bodies, emotions and the tools of vocal technique.
Focusing on enhancing the voice’s freedom in its direct relation to the body, participants, in this workshop, will increase awareness of sound-making as a physical process. Applying The Feldenkrais Method of Somatic Education, and vocal technique based on The Lovetri Method--Somatic Voicework (with an emphasis on vocal registers -head, chest, mix-), participants receive tools to develop a healthy sound production, and experience the voice and the body in a more innovative way: as an endless musical resource, being able to sing from a more functional, healthier and expressive instrument.
This path of work promotes a state of creativity, spontaneity, and a safe atmosphere for learning.
Participants are recommended to send a song they know well, and would like to work with during the seminar:
a) the chart of the song on the tonality you’re singing, in a pdf format -if you have it
b) a link to the song version you have chosen
c) the lyrics of the song you have chosen -in doc format-