The Junk Eater Wizard: An Ecological Adventure

This touring play is part of IATI’s Triple Play Touring Program

Written by Pati Doménech

Directed by Rubén Darío Cruz II

Date: December 1, 2010


Two kids come across a wizard who’s destroying the city with magic potions and bad habits. With the help of their grandma, they decide to confront him. Will they win? Join us and you will see.

With this production for children from kindergarten to 5th graders, IATI looks to promote a positive attitude among students to respect the environment.

"The Junk Eater Wizard” is the title of this play, in which intrigue and smoke surrounds the lives of two children in a polluted city. A suspicious pseudo science, with its excesses, lead to the development of a plot in which children, after being victims of its powerful drinks, feel they must unmask this uncontrolled man and save the city from an ecological disaster.

IATI Theater is concerned that the quality of life, sustainable development, resource management, ecology and all that revolves around the issue of environmental degradation is increasingly and more widely affecting more areas of society. For IATI does not want to remain indifferent to issues of deep draft, and includes to its repertoire a production that reflects on this matter.