The Brave Calf

This touring show is part of IATI’s Community Program

Written by Walter Ventosilla

Directed by Walter Ventosilla

Location: 64 East 4th St, New York, NY 10013


This is the story of a little calf that one day decides to leave his stable to explore the world. This takes him to the mountains where he befriends a rabbit and a buzzard (vulture.) He also meets an evil selfish bull that has taken over the only lake around and doesn’t want to share the water. The calf, with the help of his new friends and nature, faces the evil bull to defeat him before he takes possession of all natural resources, which he will cunningly achieve without violence, making the bull eventually reflect about the importance of friendship, team-work and collective care of the environment.


German Baruffi
Gillian Hurst
Pedro Mir
Winston Estevez


Playwright & Director: Walter Ventosilla
Original Music by: Carrol Luna
Mask Designer: Erika Rojas