Quack... Cuacc...

This touring play is part of IATI’s Triple Play Touring Program

Written by Walter Ventosilla

Directed by Germán Baruffi

Music Director: Eduardo Reséndiz Gómez

Costume Designer: Leni Méndez

Date: September 28, 2015

Running Time: 45 minutes

Language: English | Spanish

Age: All ages


In this original bi-lingual children’s play with music, a parrot, seeking a better life, leaves his forest to travel to a faraway land.   Unwelcome in the new land, he tries to change his appearance to look like ducklings.  In the process, he discovers instead that what makes him different is the very thing that makes him special.


Gillian Hurst
Jacelyn Lisette
Germán Baruffi
Winston Estevez