Pride Celebration 2019

Immersive Performance Art, Arts Panel, and more to celebrate LGBTQ+ artists.

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Dates: June 20, 2019 - June 22, 2019

Location: IATI Theater (64 E. 4th St., NYC 10003)

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The LGBTQ+ community is, like life itself, diverse, evolving, and thriving. A community of artists that has enriched for decades the works shown at IATI Theater.

From the early 80s, when IATI Theater became the first Latino company to raise funds to help victims of the AIDS epidemic, our company has for long go hand in hand with the LGBTQ+ community, raising awareness, fighting for equality, and most importantly, serving as a platform for minorities to share their voices and stories.

Luckily, times have changed, but our efforts to promote diversity and raise social awareness are as strong as the first day. That’s why in celebration of Pride Month, IATI Theater is offering a platform to a diverse group of LGBTQ+ artists to invite us to visit their imaginations and be part of their stories.

Join us for our 2019 PRIDE CELEBRATION featuring the following events:

The Diamond Stag

Thursday, June 20 to Saturday June 22, 2019    $15    Underground Stage

A Live Performance–Installation Piece by Artist and Designer Andrew Yang.

Designed with a very limited capacity, The Diamond Stag is an immersive performance art piece with  an estimated duration of 20 minutes and will be performed three times a day with two additional performances on Saturday.



Panel: Queer Art & The Politicization of Identity

Saturday, June 22, 2019  FREE  |  5:00PM  IATI Theater

The intersection of identity politics and art making has always been charged-- but in today's click bait culture-- language policing and acting "correctly" threatens the very foundations of what it means to freely create. We invite a diverse group of artists, creators, and thinkers together to discuss how they approach existing in this current climate-- and how to get your voice and perspective heard.

These prominent artists discuss the influence of their LGBTQ+ identity in their art and creations. Featuring a diverse panel of artists, inlcuding Andrew Yang, Andre Armenante, Santos Munoz, Jessica Yatrofsky, and Ashley Evens.


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