PREMIKA – Women in Love

Photo by Anjali Bhargava

Indian Dance Theater – a modern interpretation of the timeless Indian theme ASHTA NAYIKA

by The Kathak Ensemble & Friends/CARAVAN, Inc.

Choreographer Janaki Patrik


  • Friday, July 26, 2013 at 6:00pm
  • Saturday, July 27, 2013 at 3:00pm

Language: Song lyrics in Hindi, dialogue between songs in English

Age: All ages

Location: 64 East 4th Street NY NY 10003

Website: PAM 2013 | Official FaceBook Page

About the Show:

Paints a rainbow of emotions ranging from jealousy and rage to longing and ecstasy.  Stories of loving and being loved, set to Hindustani music and classical Indian Kathak dance, are dramatized in modern English.  Referring with humor and pathos to contemporary entanglements caused by technology and women's empowerment, the narrator relates classical dance and poetry to the modern process of tying and untying the lovers' knot.

About the artists:

The Kathak Ensemble & Friends and its arts-in-education unit CARAVAN communicate the richness of Indian culture through its arts, most specifically through the classical North Indian dance style Kathak, its storytelling techniques and its accompanying Hindustani music. The Ensemble is dedicated to perpetuating the art of Kathak, teaching the technique and creating performance opportunities for both student and professional Kathak dancers. Ensemble programs strive to create a dialogue with familiar American arts forms, demystifying unique details of Indian culture by illuminating features it shares with American culture.

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