¿De que color es la lluvia?

Artwork by Iranyela López

“Cuando leo lo que escribo, siento como dos manos arrugadas me estrujan el corazón.”

Written by Bryan Vindas Villarreal

Directed by Francisco J. Rivera Rodríguez


  • Saturday, June 5, 2021 at 6:00pm Eastern Time

Language: Spanish

Website: Facebook Event


What color is the rain? It was written as a manifesto with dyes of Latin American magic realism, which seeks to accompany the struggle for human rights of the LGBT population. The relevance of this work, lies in one of the most recent and revolutionary events in the history of Costa Rica, as is the legalization of equal marriage, being the first Central American country to achieve it. This play is a drift on memories, which embodies from a surrealist aesthetic the fight against loneliness, homophobia, abandonment, time, deepening in diseases like Parkinson and Alzheimer. Finally, it seeks to generate more questions than answers, to approach the human condition as if it were about feeling the rain that falls.

About the Playwright

Bryan Vindas Villarreal began his career in 2009 as a professional actor. He has moved through the spaces of stage direction, light design, dramaturgy, art intervention, performance, contemporary dance, documentary photography, screenplay and photo-art. He graduated with an Honors Bachelor's Degree in Dramatic Arts at the University of Costa Rica and an Honors Master’s degree in Arts and Design at the National Autonomous University of Mexico. His work has been exhibited in Brazil, Argentina, Ecuador, Colombia, Panama, El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico, Spain and Costa Rica.


Braulio Basilio
Luis Torres Alicea
Michael Anton
Angel Fabian Rivera
Yolianne Rivera Cornier

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