La Herencia

“Do you have what you want? Or what you want depends on what others have?”

Written by David Barreiro

Directed by Antígona González


  • Sunday, June 16, 2019 at 2:00pm

Language: Spanish

Location: IATI Theater (64 E. 4th St. NYC 10003)

Website: Facebook Event


Bruno, Sergio and Raquel–three siblings separated by the evolution of life–are summoned after the death of their aunt, Enriqueta, so that the inheritance can be awarded; this, despite never having had a close relationship with the deceased. To their surprise, each of them is granted much more than they imagined: money, a large mansion and her wide collection of jewelry. Nevertheless, when they’re about to sign the acceptance to the inheritance, the executor reads to them the final stipulation of the will: if he or she wishes, each one will be able to trade their portion of the inheritance, for a mysterious metallic briefcase that was also brought to the meeting. So it is that doubt, jealousy and resentment come to light. …what this briefcase contains is something that they could never have imagined–or could they have?

About the Playwright

David Barreiro (Gijón, 1977) is a journalist, screenwriter, novelist and playwright. His storybook, “Relatos posindutriales” was published in 2007 (Asturias Young Award for Narrative), the novels “Mediocre”, “Barriga”, “Perros de Presa,” in 2012 (Novel Prize Fundación Complutense). Additional publications include “El túnel” (Finalist Herralde Prize 2014), “El Hijo” (Finalist Premio Herralde 2015) and “Días perdidos.” Furthermore, he is the author of the journalistic chronicle of “Peláez.” In the audiovisual world, he is a scriptwriter and director of the short film “Patatas” (New Filmmakers Award 2012 at the FICX) and permanently works as advertising director and screenplay author. In 2017 he wrote the script for the science fiction series “Momentos” for Podium Podcast.  In his role as a playwright, he began his career with the work Percebes (Asturian Young Theater Text Prize 2012), which was followed by El candidato (Agustín González de Teatro 2014 Prize), La cláusula, La azotea (Prize of the Theatrical Book Fair 2014), Afterwork (Castelló Theater Prize to stage 2015) and Nora (Raúl Moreno Fatex Prize for Theater Texts 2016).


Idalia Limón
Juan Luis Acevedo
Braulio Basilio
Miguel Ángel Valderrama


This Reading is free of charge–your kind donation is accepted.  The first glass of that red elixir of life–wine–is on us.  All proceeds ensure that we continue to support the genesis of theater: the playwright!

Seating is limited.