Girls Speak Out

Exhibit: An International Collection of Quotes from Girls under 12

Curated by Yani PĂ©rez

Dates: March 1, 2019 - March 31, 2019

Language: All Languages

Location: IATI Theater (64 E. 4th St., 2nd Floor, NYC 10003)


As part of IATI's celebration of Women's Month, IATI Theater will be highlighting some of the future women of the world. We will create an installation piece, displaying their work and have it available for public viewing during March 2019.

Submission Criteria

1. Girls under 12 may select an inspirational quote written by a visionary woman in favor of peace & nonviolence OR write their own responses.
2. The quotes may be in English, Spanish, or another language. 
3. Quotes under 25 words are preferable.
4. Original artwork may be submitted in conjunction with the quote.

We encourage the young lady to team-up with a family member, mom, dad or guardian to make this project more memorable.

Thank you for your participation. We truly appreciate the time and effort in making the voices of our future leaders heard.

Deadline: Thursday, February 21, 2019