Temporada de ciervos

“The rifle is loaded and the whole neighborhood in sight. How many deer will survive?”

Written by Manolo Díaz

Directed by Janilka Romero


  • Sunday, June 6, 2021 at 4:00pm Eastern Time

Language: Spanish

Website: Facebook Event


Roberto, alias “el Chino”, formerly “El diablito” and before that “El diablo”, is a child who was born in one of those dangerous neighborhoods that proliferate in some of the cities of México. Right there and with no other alternative, he will grow up with his friends and enemies, but with the absence of father and mother. The deer season has begun, the rifle is loaded and the whole neighborhood in sight. How many deer will survive? How much can the moment and the piece of land on which we have had to live condition us? Conditions that are maintained and become traditions: abandonment, insecurity, fear, the immense desire to leave the neighborhood or to find a father, the thirst for blood and justice, especially justice that comes from one's own hand.

About the Playwright

Manolo Díaz’s play Ojo de res was published by Universidad Veracruzana Drama Notebook: Tramoya (2016). In 2018, Siempre tendremos Dallas was part of the International Circuit of Young Dramaturgy and Direction, Mexico. Manolo is a finalist for the Gerardo Mancebo Del Castillo National Prize for Young Dramaturgy in its 17th edition for his play Aviones. In 2018, he was the winner of the First National Dramaturgy Prize for the Neighborhood, organized by Carretera 45 for his play La mesa púrpura.


Jafet Ortiz
Amanda Vilanova
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