In Congress

“If my opponent gets elected, he’ll become a national menace.”

Written by Tony Manzo

Directed by Jennifer Ortega


  • Tuesday, June 16, 2020 at 6:00pm

Language: English

Location: IATI Theater (64 E. 4th St., NYC 10003)

Website: Facebook Page


A dramatic comedy about a United States Congressman and a reporter who must reconcile their past with their professional ambitions when they meet for an interview she’s writing for her newspaper.  A successful interview would advance her career and save his, for in the last weeks of the Congressman’s re-election campaign he’s been accused of a crime.  But the reporter may have a way of proving the accusation is false.  The vexation lies in getting her former lover to trust her and the threatening press she represents.

About the Playwright

- On the Treetop: a full-length comedy, produced by The American Theater of Actors.
- Saving Allison: a romantic comedy screenplay, optioned by Miracle Entertainment.
- The Wedding: a full-length comedy, optioned by Sherwood Arthur (director-producer).
- Flight to Paris: a one-act play produced by Know Theatre, Binghampton; The Lakeshore Players, MN.; Women in Theatre, Lihue, Hawaii.
- The Lifeguard: presented at the William Inge Festival, Independence, Kansas.



Andrea Lynn Green
Derrick Peterson
Sophie Sorenson

Staged Readings Go Online

Due to COVID-19, our staged readings for Cimientos 2020 will have an alternative format as Live Zoom readings. To attend the reading of In Congress, RSPV at the link below.

The reading will also be streamed on Facebook Live; and you will be able to access the live recording later on Youtube. Make sure you follow our Facebook Page and Youtube Channel.
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