Staged Readings

Cimientos will spotlight a curation of national and cross-continental contemporary writers. From November of 2017 to February of 2018, 10 playwrights will converge to polish and perfect each other’s’ plays. From February to June 2018, Cimientos 2017 will host 10 play readings that fuel the genesis of theater: the playwright.  “All plays are not created equal” and our avant-garde is a solemn cry into what theater can and should do today.

Play readings will include a talkback with the playwright, director, actors and guests that focuses on audience reaction and constructive feedback–bringing the new work closer to a fully realized production.

These are the 10 Playwrigthts for Cimientos 2018!

The Tenants
written by Dave Hanson

“Whats the fun in being a ghost if you can’t go through walls?”

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El Fin del Mundo
written by K J Dwyer

“Having hit the bedrock of our short-sighted indifference, we’re now fracking for new depths.”

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Filho maravilha
written by Carlos Contreras Elvira

“Vivía como un futbolista, solo que los goles los metía fuera del campo.”

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El pueblo está en los huevos
written by Gama Valle

“¡Los va a tener hasta el cuello!”

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written by Leslie Bramm

“Soon it will be creeping everywhere. The United States of creepy shrines.”

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The Lemonade Stand
written by Matthew Fowler

“I had a colonoscopy the other day and it was the highlight of my week.”

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The Gap
written by Joseph Krawczyk

“It was all very, very strange. As if I were in another dimension.”

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Fausto Angleró
written by Aravind Enrique Adyanthaya

“DON UBU:Te noto distinto hoy. RAÚL:No me diga que enamorado. UBU:Te noto con más muertos.”

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written by Julia Lee Barclay-Morton

“I think you’re dodging.  What?  I think you’re afraid and you want a cure.”

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Fresh Cut
written by Rhett Martinez

“Normal babies are for white people! We are Latinos! We have super-babies!”

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