The Vast Mystery of Who You Are

“You’re not ashamed.  So, I have to be for you.”

Written by Kim Yaged

Directed by Tamara Winters


  • Tuesday, February 26, 2013 at 7:30pm

Language: English

Location: ART/NY (520 8th Avenue, 3rd Floor, New York, NY 10018)


The Vast Mystery of Who You Are is an irreverent, hard-hitting exploration of love via sex parties and philosophical sparring about the nature of relationships and death via the sudden passing of a family friend. The play might be considered a sexual romp because of its humor and boldness, but The Vast Mystery of Who You Are is also poignant and daring, unafraid of addressing provocative issues while not always coming down on the politically correct side of the conversation. The play’s bravery stems from its ability to say what many of us are thinking but too embarrassed to say. Its controversy spawns from the possibility these things are better left unspoken. And its hope is that by examining some of the ugly, weak places in ourselves we might confront our own vulnerabilities in order to learn how to better empathize with the vulnerabilities in others.

About the Playwright:

Kim Yaged is an award-winning playwright with an interest in using art for social change. Kim’s operetta was showcased by the New York City Opera and won four “Best” awards, including Best Musical and Best Original Production. Kim received the Kennedy Center’s Meritorious Achievement Award for her play America. America also won the Audience Award at the Downtown Urban Theater Festival in New York and was recently part of House Special at ODC Theater in San Francisco. Kim’s play Hypocrites & Strippers was a finalist in the Bay Area Playwrights Festival. An excerpt of Hypocrites & Strippers is included in Best Women's Monologues for the 21st Century. Kim’s play vessels was commissioned for the Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust in conjunction with an exhibit by the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. Kim was a head writer for Ricky is Famous, produced by Jeff Goode Entertainment. There were staged readings of her television pilot Jersey City at Sony Studios and the Stella Adler Theatre in Los Angeles. Kim’s photographs have been shown in London, Berlin and Tunisia. Her stories and poetry have been published by Random House, Cleis Press, Ballantine Books, Applause, and Arsenal Pulp Press. She is currently working on Let’s Be One Hand, which uses the arts and technology to increase understanding between people across their differences. There is more information about Kim and her work at and you can join Let’s Be One Hand at


Angela Santillo
Julianna Rusakiewicz
Erinn Ruth
Micheal Markham

Photos by: Stephanie Howard

Access to the Reading:

Pay $5 at the door and get a glass of "vino"