The Treatment

“Why can’t we remember a damn thing?! Not even our own names.”

Written by Joseph Krawczyk

Directed by Renoly Santiago


  • Sunday, March 26, 2017 at 5:00pm

Language: English

Location: IATI Theater (64 E. 4th St. NYC 10003)

Website: Facebook Event


The Treatment is a mystery thriller about two individuals who are being treated in a medical institution for reasons unknown to them. They have no memory of their past and at this point no sense of their future. Without memory they are empty shells. As they try to figure out who and where they are, their antagonists try to extract information from them that is vital to their survival and to the security of the state. Only at the conclusion do we understand what has been done to them, why they are there, and what they need to do to become whole again.

About the Playwright

Joseph P. Krawczyk is an award-winning, published playwright. His latest play, It’s All About Lorrie, won for Best Play at the 2016 Thespis Festival. He had a staged reading of Release 35.6 at IATI Theater’s Cimientos 2016. In 2014, he had a staged reading of Year’s End at Cape May Stage, a regional, Equity Theater in Cape May, NJ. It was also produced at the Manhattan Repertory Theatre. The play was published by Writers Amuse Me Publishing Company. He is also a member of the Dramatists Guild.


Leo Minaya
Rodrigo Lopresti
David Shih
Johanna Tolentino
Venessa Díaz


This Reading is free of charge–your kind donation is accepted.  The first glass of that red elixir of life–wine–is on us.  All proceeds ensure that we continue to support the genesis of theater: the playwright!
Seating is limited–RSVP by clicking link below.