‘‘He said life is like Math, we all try to get to the same result through different paths and in the end nothing means shit”

Written by Marina Burana

Directed by Haydn Díaz


  • Tuesday, May 7, 2013 at 7:30pm

Language: English

Location: LaMaMa / 47 Great Jones Street, New York, NY 10012 (Between Bowery and Lafayette)


Paul and Margot are alone in an art studio with a dead body on the floor (Lydia, the artist, and owner of the studio). Walter comes in and the three of them engage in a conversation full of accusations tainted by past rivalries, chagrin and desperation. There's something odd, though. Something in the way Lydia is lying on the floor; something out of place...

The play unfolds testing its limits. There's a taint of reality in everything that is unreal and a taint of the unreal in every reality. With a spark of humor and fatality, Sfumato puts forward the idea of possible worlds. All at the same time and apparently...in the same place.

About the Playwright:

Marina Burana is an Argentinean writer born in 1986. She grew up near a river in Buenos Aires province and in 2007 she moved to Asia, her current home. She has published 2 books of short stories in Spanish and has collaborated with many magazines from her country and from abroad with articles, essays, poems and fiction. She writes both in English and in Spanish. It wasn't until recently though that she started being drawn to theatre. Sfumato, her first play, was written in English in 2011 and had a staged reading at the Last Frontier Theatre Conference in Alaska in 2012. Marina is fluent in Chinese, French and can read Ancient Greek. She plays the violin and loves painting.


Ken Simon
Daniela Thome
Michael Cleeff
Emily Dalton
Alain Gerard

Access to the Reading:

Pay $5 at the door and get a glass of "vino"