I Am a Moon

“A giant stone full of craters. A body covered by hickeys. An apple waiting for a wound.”

Written by Zhu Yi

Directed by Juan Carlos Madriz


  • Tuesday, March 26, 2013 at 7:30pm

Language: English

Location: ART/NY (520 8th Avenue, 3rd Floor, New York, NY 10018)


I AM A MOON explores how our bodies affect our lives as life gradually shapes our bodies with the stories of five characters’ private lives, which involve voyeurism, sexual passion, jealousy, and the ever present search for connection and love. Under the metaphor of “moon” - the beautiful bright ball isolated in the sky and revealing thousands of craters only when you come closer – the play weaves a poetic and darkly humorous journey into the beauty of our ugly side.

About the Playwright:

 ZHU Yi is a NY based playwright, born and raised in Shanghai. She started to write in her second language in 2008 when she first came to the US as an MFA playwright candidate at Columbia University. She is an emerging artist fellow at New York Theatre Workshop, and a Youngblood at Ensemble Studio Theatre.

Credits: Films “Unpolitical Romance” (Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival, Taiwan), “Scrape” (Alcances Film Festival, Spain & Beijing Independent Film Festival, China). Stage plays I am a Moon (Edinburgh Fringe Festival, UK; Muma Theater, China; 3LD Art and Technology Center, NYC), Evolutionism or Dammit, We Took the Shortcut! (Manhattan Rep; Schapiro Theatre, NYC), Lifetime Fairytale (Riverside Theatre, NYC), Promising (Down-Stream Garage, China).


Fadoua Hanine
JianCarlos Vasquez
Alexander Moreno
Steven Brandt
Rozanne Rudd
Gabriel Garcia

Access to the Reading:

Pay $5 at the door and get a glass of "vino"