Entre Quien , Cual y Sea

“Un ser sin ombligo es un ser sediento.”

Written by Isamar Rosado-Aponte

Directed by Gama Valle


  • Tuesday, April 23, 2013 at 7:30pm

Language: Spanish

Location: LaMaMa / 47 Great Jones Street, New York, NY 10012 (Between Bowery and Lafayette)


Entre Quien , Cual y Sea examines the significance of self-identity through three “nameless” characters that share an enclosed space together. Quien, Cual, and Sea do not know why they are where they are. Their existence is immediate: here, now, today. Quien (Whoever) is obsessed with the lottery and is constantly looking for the winning numbers. Sea (Be) does not know how to think on his own and follows Quien. Cual (Who) has his hands tied and incessantly expresses the desire to be untied and to die. Two other characters join them in their confusion, Yo (I) and Nadie (No-one). Yo (I) is the voice of the author, which clarifies the “nonsense” of the life of these characters. Nadie (No-one) searches and identifies the other characters. He is the absent protagonist who with the help of Yo, Quien, Cual, and Sea, finds the meaning of the environment of his companions. As the play develops, Nadie brings all the parts together, and establishes a community in which the characters inhabit, no matter what happens to them. They are there, understanding that they can possibly always be the other—they can be their self-confrontation through the other—and still live in community.

About the Playwright:

Isamar Rosado-Aponte is a young Puerto Rican playwright, actor, and Spanish teacher. She holds a MFA in Creative Writing in Spanish from NYU. While completing her MFA, she was the recipient of the “Starworks Program Fellowship,” where she got the opportunity to encourage child patients at a local hospital to write creatively. Her genuine love for children has encouraged her to write several plays and stories for young audiences, which include: La historia del ardilla Bicave and El Punto del Punto. However, she also enjoys writing for a more mature audience, as her plays El roba panty and Entre, Quien, Cual y Sea show. Isamar also holds a B.A. from the University of Puerto Rico, where she studied Education with specialization in Drama. While in Puerto Rico she stood out as an actor of the University Traveling Theater and the University Theater group. She played a number of important roles, such as Clytemnestra (in Aeschylus' The Oresteia) and The Ghost of Christmas Future (in Dickens' A Christmas Carol.) Currently Isamar is developing her own theater company that will give space for young Latino and non-Latino playwrights, actors, designers, and directors to showcase their works in front of an audience.


Gerardo Gudiño
Karla Mayté
Zahydé Pietri
Malena Ramírez
Jerry Nelson Soto

Access to the Reading:

Pay $5 at the door and get a glass of "vino"