A spliff for the stage

Written by Liche Ariza

Directed by Arian Blanco


  • Tuesday, November 1, 2011 at 7:30pm

Language: English

Location: 64 East 4th Street, New York, NY 10003


In a mission to observe modern human society to decide whether it is ready for the truth or not, Jesus is compelled to travel forth to the year 2003 for a total of 27 days to convince the U.S. government to declassify the Pandora files. The objective, to unite all beliefs and eliminate organized religion forever, but the modern world is too selfish and time is running out. With him, Judas Iscariot comes along to manage the finances of the journey and serve Jesus in any way he commands; bound to him, for the fact that Jesus’ failure would also bring about his demise as well. But in the end, will the human condition prevail or will the divine condition finally reach the human race?

About the Playwright:

Liche Ariza trained for drama at The Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute (NYC). He has worked in various independent films including Proclaiming Macbeth, Entomophilia, The Bill, Miguel Angel Jesus, City Hall, Rooftop & recently in the feature Tropico de Sangre (Rains of Injustice) currently airing on HBO. He has also appeared in the comedy web series "slapHappy". In NY Theatre he was seen in LAByrinth Theatre Company's TENN99 marathon acting alongside Eli Wallach, Michael Kelly, Laila Robins, Bobby Cannavale and Russell G. Jones among others. He performed Michael Locascio's "Corner of a Morning" set on an air mattress on the asphalt of east 9th street as part of PWP's East Village Fragments. Liche's been in the NY theatre scene since 1998 performing in plays by Jose Rivera, Israel Horovitz, Joan Tewkesbury, A.B. Lugo, Tom O'Neil, Phil Hopper and the 52nd St. Project. He did two tours with playwright Adrian Rodriguez and director Arian Blanco in the 2002-03 NY International Fringe Festival. For his work in Leopoldo Hernandez' MARTINEZ he won a 2005 HOLA Award, also directed by Blanco.

BENDING JESUS is Liche's first play. He has written the screenplay DO NOT HOLD DOORS and the book ON THE ROLLERCOASTER which will be available thru Amazon-Kindle in late October 2011.  He dedicates BENDING JESUS to the memory of Moreno Beras-Goico, Giordano Medrano, Victor Hernandez SJ, Joe Wortman, Lucy Gordon and Corina Abad.


Liche Ariza
Nixon Cesar
Morgan Meghan Lynch
Emilio Delgado
Florencia Lozano
Neil Feigeles
Alex Flores
A.B. Lugo

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