Balanza de los instintos

“Tengo la sensación de que el pasado nos tiene atrapadas y no nos deja escapar hacia un futuro prometedor.”

Written by Antonio César Morón

Directed by Mario Colón


  • Tuesday, May 21, 2013 at 7:30pm

Language: Spanish

Location: LaMaMa / 47 Great Jones Street, New York, NY 10012 (Between Bowery and Lafayette)


Canjilón is an old man, tattered by life due to his daughter’s murder. He lives in an apartment that he is able to pay with his limited resources thanks to old rent-control policies. La Lunfarda, an illegal immigrant, takes care of him daily and he pays her a small salary with the money he receives from retirement. La Lunfarda and her close friend, Gélida Sturm–also an illegal immigrant–are blackmailed by a cop who threatens them with denouncing their status if they don’t pay him a sum that they could never acquire. In the midst of all of this, we meet Asno Mai, a businessman whose company’s future depends on being able to sell the block of old apartments that he owns. The only thing between him and making the sell is old Canjilón who will not sell his small place and who cannot be forced to do so by law. The lives of the businessman, Asno Mai and his daughter, Presa Ibérica, merge with that of the immigrant women by different paths that lead to a single end: they need Canjilón to vacate the building. As the play comes to a close, the old man will know who is the culprit of his daughter’s murder through an action that is as surprising as it is cruel.

About the Playwright:

Antonio César Morón (Granada, 1978) is a playwright, poet and essayist. He holds a doctorate in Literary Theory and Comparative Literature from the University of Granada where he also holds the post of professor. He is the author of four play anthologies: Monólogos con maniquí (Monologues with mannequin), which compiles five solo performance works; Estado antimateria. Pentarquía de dramaturgia cuántica (Antimatter State. Quantum Dramaturgy Pentarchy,) which compiles five works using the quantum dramaturgy theory; Retórica del sueño de poder (Rhetoric of the Dream of Being Able to,) which compiles three comedies, and El metal y la carne (The Metal and the Flesh,) which compiles three tragedies. He has also published single works for the stage such as the comedy, Siseos de venganza (Hissings of Vengence), and the tragedy, Eurídice. His dual vocations as researcher and creator merge masterfully in his book entitled, La dramaturgia cuántica. Teoría y práctica (Quatum Dramaturgy. Theory and Practice), where it’s exposed theoretical bases of this new dramatic technique devised by this author. His other renowned essays include La escena y las palabras. Ensayos de teatro y dramaturgia (The Scene and the Words. Essays of Theater and Dramaturgy), Teatro y sentido. La interpretación frente a sus límites (Theater and Sense. Interpretation Faces Its Limits) and his doctoral thesis, Jose Martin Recuerda en la escena Española (Jose Martin Remembers in the Spanish Scene).


Yaremis Félix
Frank Rodríguez
Nicole Betancourt
Carmen Cabrera
Juan Luis Acevedo 

Photos by: Carlos Aguasaco

Access to the Reading:

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