Baby's Breath

“Normal babies are for white people! We are Latinos! We have super-babies!”

Written by Rhett Martinez

Directed by Eric Parness

Genre: Magical Realism


  • Sunday, June 10, 2018 at 5:00pm

Language: English

Location: IATI Theater (64 E. 4th St. NYC 10003)

Website: Facebook Event


Baby's Breath has elements of the absurd and a wicked sense of humor. It may also be called a “language play.” It is certainly comedic, but its heart is honest and sincere. It’s a story about a loving couple who struggle with the challenges of marriage as they work to create a beautiful little home—a bubble into which they may retreat from the ugliness of the outside world. It’s the story of a man and a woman who end up getting exactly the opposite of what they always wanted, and loving it more than they ever thought possible.

About the Playwright

After growing up near Houston, Texas, Rhett Martinez graduated from Boston University with a BFA in Theatre in 1993. Upon graduation, he moved to New York and began performing one-man shows in the East Village/Alphabet City. For four years, Rhett freelanced as a director and writer before moving back home to Houston where he, along with his wife, launched his own company, Bulletproof Productions. Together they produced independent films and theatre, had lots of fun, made no money, got inspired, and returned to New York in 2004. In 2007, Rhett graduated from Brooklyn College with an MFA in Directing. In 2008, he directed a production of two of his one-act plays at Impact Theater in Brooklyn. The show was such a huge success that the theater closed and is now a lingerie boutique. His wife and Rhett were undaunted by this sign from the gods, but we were quite daunted by the skyrocketing rent prices as the real estate bubble reached its peak in 2008 and threatened to burst all over us. So, they moved back home to Houston so they could buy a house, adopt several dogs, and continue to create original works for independent film and theatre.


Rosa Rodríguez
Andrew Gonzales
Jonny Maldonado


This Reading is free of charge–your kind donation is accepted.  The first glass of that red elixir of life–wine–is on us.  All proceeds ensure that we continue to support the genesis of theater: the playwright!

Seating is limited–RSVP by clicking link below.