(By appointment only)

Production title:  Verano Verano
Language: Spanish
Union / Non-Union:  Both
Compensation: Yes
Production Company: IATI Theater
Playwright: Myrna Casas
Director: Jorge B. Merced
Production Location: IATI Theater | 64 E. 4th Street, NYC 10003
Casting Coordinator: Jeremiah Biggins
Audition Registration: Fill-in form (Below Tab) 


Auditions: Saturday, August 11, 2018 (Auditions by Appointment)
Call Back: Sunday, August 12, 2018
Rehearsals: August 19 – November 1, 2018
Production dates: November 2 – 18, 2018


The plot interweaves yesterday’s secrets with today’s melancholy. Members of this family, both the dead and those alive, exist in solitude and silence.  VERANO VERANO takes place in the beach house where once this young family was happy.  Now, the dusty house symbolizes their demise.


DON PABLO: Male.  Must be able to appear age 45 to 70. Juan Pablo’s father. Distinguished. Confident. Sings.

CELESTE: Female. Must be able to appear age 11-15.  Juan Pablo and Adriana’s daughter. Energetic and optimistic.  Sings.

JUAN PABLO: Male.  Must be able to appear age 30 to 45.  Celeste’s father. Introverted with hidden pain.

ADRIANA: Female. Must be able to appear age 30 to 45.  Married to Juan Pablo. An appealingly tough lady with hidden secrets.


  1. Form must be submitted by Friday, August 10, 2pm.
  2. Auditions will be Saturday, between 1-6pm.
  3. If an appointment is assigned to you, it will be emailed from
  4. If not able to attend the assigned time slot, please reply to that same email.
  5. That email will be sent with sides for your audition.
  6. Email will go out Friday after 2pm